Ribags, as everyone, is growing up day by day. 

These last days of 2017 make us feel great and full of expectations for the next year. Because we get a new and exciting step. We hope it excites you as well. 

This new step is about the inclusion of new products to our Ribags’ family. We are not longer just backpacks in different colors, sizes and materials. Now, we add three new products. “Pouches”, a way to carry on your backpack but in your hand. Wallets, in two different designs, the American and the European one. And Card cases to everyone that only carries the most essential things. 

The pouch was made to keep a few things and keep them always close to you. Made in Spain by handcraft in the same 100% natural leather  of all our products. With a handle to carry it and a handgrip to take it with the fingers. The inside is lined by upholstery and has two different pockets. Wallets and card cases are also manufactured with the same natural leather than the rest of Ribags’ products. The two types of wallets: the American wallet with an horizontal design and the European wallet with an vertical design. The card case looks for the maximum thinness for the maximum comfort. This three new products in different colors: camel, bordeaux, cobalt blue and black. 

You can find all the pouches here and all the wallets and card cases here

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A través de este hashtag, utilizado prácticamente desde el lanzamiento de la marca, todas las mochilas y sus correspondientes propietarios ubican mediante sus fotos la experiencia que viven con ella a sus espaldas. Una forma de transmitir el espíritu inquieto y viajero de Ribags, ligado a la propia vitalidad alrededor del mundo de sus dueños.

Entre los países por los que hemos pasado se encuentra Costa Rica, EEUU, Brasil, Chile, Panamá, Colombia, Perú, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Francia, Bélgica, México, Polonia, Italia, Alemania, Portugal, Inglaterra, Escocia, República Dominicana, Emiratos Árabes, Sudáfrica, Austria y Túnez, entre otros.

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