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New ways. New Ribags.

We can see easily how we’ve changed trough time. It’s enough to take a look to the first Ribags we created and the last one.

The seams, the leathers, the handles and the zips. Everything keeps the essence, but now everything is better. The Ribags backpack borned as a handcrafted product and a funtional one, and now it stills the same. Since the beginning we grow up, like the person who takes our backpacks. And now, we’re pleasure to present the progress of this new step for us.

The new place of the handles -the backpack’s sides- increase the convenience and funcionality. Besides, every pockets have been lined with the same upholstery that covers the backpack. All this with a new and high quality leather. Everything to catch up the handcraft perfection.

This new step as a new project which increase the products already existents but also expand Ribags to other new products.

So, we still being in the path but heading to new destinations.

17th noviembre, 2017 |