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Highlights 2017

By the end of the year, we all look back and try to make a balance. With no pressure or judgments. Just keeping the best and hopping a great 2018. Our annual review bring us cool moments:

1. Our little cameo in El Bar, Alex de la Iglesia’s movie.


2. The Ribags 3.0, the classic Ribags, better and renewed.

3. The Ribags made with the Movimiento Espolín, reclaiming the valencian tradition.

4. The creation of the Ribags Pocket, the newest and smallest backpack in our family.


5. The collaboration with Moisés Nieto.


6. The new colors for our Longwalk.


7. The creation and integration of the pouch within our products.

8. The creation of our two wallet designs.


9. The integration of the card cases.


10. Our first anniversary in the Ribags House.


We hope the 2018 brings great things to everyone.

Thanks to all who somehow participate in Ribags to keep walking and exploring.

31st diciembre, 2017 |