Bum Bag Total Black

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Designed for your day to day and where you will be able to keep your small belongings.

Made entirely by hand in Spain from the same cowhide leather of Ribags, the pouch is conceived to be part of you. With a lateral handle so you can grab it while you are walking and with a grip in its final part so you can pick it with your fingers. 

The inside is made with the same  fabric for upholstery we use for our backpacks and has two pockets which are independent from the principal one .

Out of stock

Additional information

Altura / Height

16 cm

Fondo / Depth

10 cm

Ancho / Width

30 cm

Cremallera / Zip

YKK metal zipper size 5. Two automatic sliders. Aluminium finish.

Piel / Leather

Cowhide leather. Tickness: 0,9-1,1mm Brown colour

Forro / Lining

Fabric for upholstery smooth to the touch for the inside and the lateral pockets. Grey colour 100% polyester