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The perfect executive backpack that you can take on all your trips

Our Ribags Longwalk backpacks are perfect for going to the office every day or to that trip you have in mind.

Of all our models it is the largest. Its capacity is 25 liters, which perfectly fits your laptop , your tablet, documents, the lunch box.

The material of this backpack is leather . High quality cowhide sewn by hand to obtain a high resistance to weight finish.

To take care of your back every day when you carry a backpack, we have developed this model with a square shape and to be compact . What we have achieved with this design is that the weight is distributed evenly along the ribs which makes it a really comfortable backpack.

We have also put special focus on the handles that are padded which allows you to walk comfortably and with a feeling of freedom.

The inside of the backpack has been taken care of so that you can carry the most delicate objects such as your laptop.

Leather backpack especially suitable for men.

Both Ribags leather and fabric backpacks are unisex. They are suitable for both men and women.

In the case of the Longwalk model, as it is our largest backpack, it will adapt better to the male back, which usually has a larger dimension, but if you like the model and the large size is your thing. Go ahead! Ribags just wants to accompany you on your way.

You can find several colors. Choose the one that best suits your style and, remember, each backpack is unique: we make them by hand with the best leather so that their quality is unsurpassed.