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I travel not to go anywhere, but to go.
I travel for travel’s sake.
The great affair is to move.

R. L. Stevenson.

Ribags’ unique story


Sometimes, inadvertently, tradition makes way for trendiness:

In 2007, David, the son of a famous sofa manufacturer from Valencia, packed his bags and set course for the factory in Romania to learn the family business. His time among artisanal hand tools and the smell of leather passed by at an astonishing pace until one day the trainee-entrepreneur noticed something out of the ordinary: one of his employees was carrying a rudimentary backpack, which he had made himself to carry his upholstery tools. This apparently insignificant detail was to become the origin of Ribags. His backpack, which was quickly adopted by his colleagues, turned out to be so comfortable, practical and trendy that it didn’t take long for it to catch the public’s attention. Serendipity did the rest and what started out as a random artisanal project suddenly became a lifestyle choice.

Concept and philosophy


Becoming emotionally attached to objects is a very human trait. Moreover, when it involves a product such as Ribags, which are handmade with traditional materials from an idea that sprang from the accumulated experiences of everyday reality, this association has an even greater impact. The soul of our Ribags reflects not only that of its creator and his personal experiences but also that of every hand that has touched the backpack throughout the creative process until it reaches its owner, who, of course, also leaves his or her personal mark. Ribags is the paradigm of travel, of a nomadic lifestyle, of inspirational moments of solitude. A backpack to carry what’s really essential.

Who are our backpacks targeted at? Who enjoys this kind of lifestyle? Above all, those who enjoy life.

How do we make Ribags?


Our Ribags creation process happens in four stages:

1. Selection of the finest raw materials. Quality, quality, quality. We only choose the very best natural cowhide and the skill and know-how of our master cutter lay the foundations of what will eventually become a unique product.

2. Cut. Our master cutter draws his blades and heads towards the cutting table where he spends careful minute after minute carrying out his painstaking art.

3. Stitching. Once the leather pieces have been cut, our experienced Ribags seamstress puts them all together using strong, solid stitching and adds the slider, zip and labels that identify the product.

4. End product. A highly-resistant, uniquely designed, 100% natural-leather backpack made with the guarantee of a traditional, artisanal production.

The End? Quite the opposite. Now it’s time to distribute and sell the product to the public: the start of a new adventure.



The naked back of a young man travelling without a return ticket wearing an Original Ribags skin on skin under a baking sun that beats down on the Jericoacoara Sand-dune in Brazil. A couple of newlyweds buy a bottle of Chapelle de La Mission 2009 at Château Haut-Brion in Bordeaux and carefully store it in their Ribags the same colour as the wine with which they will celebrate their love.

Via #ribagsenmovimiento we’d like to remind you that our backpacks are made for a life of adventures. Magic, superstition, pleasure and broadening horizons: a place known as the real world in which we have been travelling since 2013 from Bangkok to Chicago passing through Romania.

Everything sprang from a simple idea: the pleasure of generating and sharing memories together with your backpack.



Some brands talk about a “target public” but we prefer to differentiate individuals by type:

The adventurer: an individual framed within a context of numerous inputs who has gained more education by travelling than from academic institutions. As a result, Ribags backpacks are the ideal product which allows them to constantly develop their life project. 

The mature client: An individual who gives importance to quality and versatility at a reasonable price. They are not influenced by social media or trends but use their own criteria as a guide when it comes to purchasing products.

We have a saying at Ribags that just like our backpacks, every journey is unique, and what is life if not a journey?


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