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Leather Backpacks with Unique and Exclusive Design

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What makes our products special

Ribags on the move is the connection between tradition and modernity. Is the way to give a genuine style to the expression to live adventure. Our Brand, that dream we consider our project and that has its flagship in our handmade leather backpacks,was born as a result of a journey, a revelation, a life change.

We invite you to know our origin and where we come from, how do we elaborate each bag, bum bag, wallet or backpack and every thing about our passion to create in Ribags.

Travel is to live, live is to lear. To be a nomad is to live in perpetual travel, constantly learn. There is no trip without a backpack. Inside you keep safe the things that define you as a person: your mobile, your wallet, your travel notebook, your camera … everything that is valuable or useful for your journey you take with you and accompany you.

If that trip is your day to day, from Ribags we want you to meet the best travel companions. The best bag for the city, the best fanny pack for your short trips, a wallet in your shirt pocket or your pants for the nearest destinations and the Ribags leather or fabric backpack to cover the world and put it at your feet.

Traditional quality materials, a functional, practical and original design, comfort at every step. Live in motion, live Ribags.

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